Lubricoma formed in 2007 when Charlie Adrianus Parks (vocals/guitar) sought out Nick Formont (bass) to help him flesh out a collection of songs for recording. Their collaboration showed itself to be unique and promising and the decision to gather a full lineup was quickly made. Lou Panariello (drums) was introduced to Charlie from a mutual friend and his dynamic range instantly elevated the bands work from promising to powerful. John Rivera (guitar) joined the fold in 2014. John’s playing style and tenacity has added a new dimension to their already hard, progressive and raw sound. Currently filling out the lineup is Michael Domanico on keyboards and synths; adding the additional ambiance and texture their live shows are known for.  Lubricoma is currently playing live everywhere and is getting ready to release the "Holy Ghost" EP. Lubricoma is inspired by bands such as A Perfect Circle, Queens of The Stone Age, Puscifer, and The Mars Volta. They have recently performed with Hinder, Alien Ant Farm, Tantric, HED PE and Saving Abel. 


Vocals, Guitar / Charlie Adrianus Parks

Bass/ Nick Formont

Drums / Lou Panariello

Guitar / Johnathan Rivera

Keyboards, Synth / Michael Domanico